Mini Biography
Marcel de Hoogd was born in Zeist, the Netherlands in 1958.

He was the production sound mixer of Karakter (1997) which was awarded with an Oscar for best foreign picture in 1998.

And he has worked as production sound mixer on many film productions in Turkey, Italy, Czech republic, Belgium, Morocco and the Netherlands.

currently known for his work on the movie (2013) HAYATBOYU aka Lifelong ,

As also the TV mini-series House of VINCENT (2013)

He worked on MINDHUNTERS, THE ZOOKEEPER and the epic picture FLESH & BLOOD(1985)from Director Paul Verhoeven.

And since 1988 he has worked independently as a production sound mixer on features and drama-series.

He currently uses a Nagra VI Digital recorder which is known for its outstanding sound. mail m.soundworks@hetnet.nl